Biography Of Jeffrey Leonard Resected A Brain Tumor

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On December 23, 2014, neurosurgeon Jeffrey Leonard resected a brain tumor in a ten year old girl that was previously thought to be inoperable. Although it took two operations, due to modern technology and education Dr. Leonard was successful. The girl fully recovered from surgery and was awake and responsive the next morning. Modern surgeons’ knowledge of the human brain has evolved immensely through the ages. The first brain surgeons did not have anywhere near the knowledge that we possess today, but it is because of them that the current treatment of neurological problems is so advanced. Doctors can now perform advanced procedures such as the resection of tumors and clipping of aneurysms all while a patient is numbed and unconscious when previously treatment was a painful shot in the dark. Neurosurgery has evolved not only through extensive research of anatomy and a change in religious perspective, but came hand in hand with the development of anesthetics and the world’s major advancements in radiology and imaging. Neurosurgery is set apart from every other field because it pertains to the most important part of the body: the brain. If a person’s entire body works perfectly with the exclusion of the brain, that person will still never be able to function normally. There is a wide variety of neurological defects that can arise in any one of us including aneurysms, tumors, nerve damage, and strokes. (__) The sheer fragility of our minds demands highly skilled surgeons to fix

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