Biography Of Johannes Brahms : Allegro Giocoso From Symphony No.4

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Johannes Brahms - Allegro giocoso from Symphony No.4 in E minor, Op. 98
Objective Reaction: The first movement began with a very strong texture as the music reflected a very powerful theme. It began with the heavy instrumentation from the strings including cellos, violins, and basses. The tempo was also relatively fast and generally upbeat. About a minute and half in there was a very noticeable solo by the violins which was a bit softer in terms of the texture. The melody seemed to be very upbeat and cheerful. Lasting the form of the movement was very well structured and the instruments backed each other up smoothly.
Subjective Reaction: Overall I actually enjoyed the piece more than I thought I would. It had a nice tempo that allowed listeners to be engaged and even when the volume dropped the violins played a softer texture as if they were inviting you to listen closer and pay more attention. Generally, the theme was also joyful which I took notice of and enjoyed. Lastly, I didn’t notice any musical mistakes, and thought the piece was well played.
Lou Harrison - Music from Canticle No. 3
Objective Reaction: The second movement began with a solo from a wind instrument which I am not familiar. It seemed to be somewhat of a cross between a harmonica and maybe an African flute. This solo was guided by a guitar which provided an enticing rhythm. Also the tempo seemed to be much slower but it provided an eerie mysterious theme to the music which…
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