Biography Of John Calvin 's Life

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Calvinism John Calvin was born in Noyon, France on July 10, 1509. (John Calvin, 2015) According to my readings, Calvin was found to be incredibly intelligent when he was a very young boy. In fact he entered college in Paris, when he was only fourteen! (John Calvin, 2015) I am now 31 and just graduating with my two year degree LOL, I cannot imagine starting at fourteen, but if I could have gotten my Master’s Degree by 18, it may have been worth it! Upon receiving his Masters of Arts Degree, his Father talked him into getting into studying law. (John Calvin, 2015) Well Calvin turned 21, and started studying God’s word. At this point, he really wasn’t interested in pursuing a career in law anymore, although he did receive his Doctorate degree. (John Calvin, 2015) I am guessing he just did it to please his Father, obviously money was not an issue in his life, because a career in the area of law is much more prosperous than a career in religion LOL! Calvin decided his true desire in life was to study and understand the scriptures of the good book. (John Calvin, 2015) He started studying the words in the Bible, and a lightbulb clicked on, “Hey something is not adding up here, what I am reading here in this book, is not what the Catholic Church is preaching.” He hopped on the bandwagon others that were pushing for the church to “reform and renew”. (John Calvin, 2015) This was apparently not the best of ideas, and eventually he was persecuted, and he was forced to run away from

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