Biography Of John Cone Jr, A Citizen Of Jasper County

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SYNOPSIS: At approximately 0752 hours on March 6, 2016, unknown subjects left trash at the Stokes Bluff Landing, in the Garnett area of Hampton County. John Cone Jr, a citizen of Jasper County, who keeps the landing clean reports a large crowd came to the landing on March 5, at approximately 2100 hours to camp out and have a barn fire. He further reports the subjects left the landing with beer bottles all over the ground along with beer cans and several other objects throw all over the ground. He advised a vehicle was left unattended with woods and other object on the back of the truck. He advised this is an ongoing incident that he consistently reports throughout the year. INTERVIEW WITH COMPLAINANT: (JOHN PERRY CONE JR) Mr. Cone stated unknown subjects came to the landing on last night and camped out throughout the night. He stated a large crowd started a fire pit while standing around drinking alcohol beverages. He then stated he sat on his porch and watched the subjects for a period of time to see if Law Enforcement would show their presence. He continued to he woke up this morning and observed the landing left with trash all over the place. He advised a pickup truck was left on the landing with a flat tire. He was not familiar who the vehicle belongs to. INTERVIEW WITH SUBJECT: (UNKNOWN) No contact was made at this time OFFICER’S ACTION/OBSERVATION: On the above listed date and time, I arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant. I gathered the above listed
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