Biography Of John Is Being Nice Me, And That 's Weird. Weird Is Bad

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John is being nice to me, and that’s weird. Weird is bad. Really bad. In fact everyone is being nice to me today. I woke up as irritable and bleary eyed as normal, but there were waffles. Actual waffles! My parents hadn 't made breakfast since my first day of college in year nine, much less my favourite food. Even more amazing was the discovery that these waffles were homemade, not even the stale, artificial packet kind. They 're the wake up 2 hours earlier; made this morning kind. The response I got from dad when I asked him what this was all about wasn’t anything I could’ve predicted. “Well you know, I was up early and I kinda just felt like waffles so I thought it would be nice.” This response isn 't a plausible explanation because God knows how many times I’ve heard his muttering protest about making mum’s morning coffee. Waffles actually take effort, ingredients, measurement, patience and, is that juice? Awestruck, I lifted my head to look at him to find he was already looking at me. He just smiled and returned to stirring his cup of tea at the dinner table. The thing that unsettled me wasn’t so much the food or the fact he was actually acknowledging me this early in the day, but it was his smile. It wasn’t a smile you give from one loved one to another, it was more a sad smile, a pitying smile. My eyes flicked to the number above his head, steadily counting down. 29 Years, 173 days, 4 hours, 33 minutes and 17, 16, 15, 14… That how long he had left. How long he had to

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