Biography Of John Steinbeck

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Of mice and men, published in 1937 is one of the most important and influential novels of John Steinbeck. The American author was born in 1902 in Salinas, California in the United States. Salinas was a prosperous farming community in 1920’s .Therefore, the geography and demographics of Steinbeck’s place of origin greatly influenced Steinbeck’s novels and development of his characters who have a strong identification with land. Steinbeck developed strong interest in writing in early adolescence in high school and after that, he was enrolled at Stanford University in 1919 which gave him opportunity to sharpen his writing skills majoring in English. The author is widely known for writing novels including award winning The Grapes of Wrath written…show more content…
Lennie is a man of limited mental capacity and depends mostly on George Milton in making decisions, even the most critical ones. This is like a bull who follows the chain which it runs through a hole in his nose or a crab who moves towards its prey. Due to limitation in mental capacity, Lennie finally breaks the neck of Curly’s wife unintentionally which automatically shuttered his dreams of owning a ranch. Lenny love for soft things is also an indication of irrationality since he went to the extent that, he batted the dress of the girl in weed. In the process, the girl screamed and Lennie was accused of attempted rape. This made them flee from their previous employment in Weed, California to Soledad in search of new job .Moreover, George shot Lenny at the back of his head as a peaceful and less painful way of death. This may can be associated with limited mental capacity since that would have not be the most prudent way of solving issues in real…show more content…
We live in a world of dreams and desire to achieve, but sometimes we end up without achieving them. Therefore, Steinbeck brought this clearly as we see Lennie died without actually achieving his dreams. Also friendship has been expressed as the main theme in the novel. Despite the difficult moments they went through, George and Lennie’s friendship is all against the challenges. The two shared well dreams and loved one another so much. This is a great virtue even in modern
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