Biography Of Josef Stalin

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Today I want to talk about Josef Stalin, “ a man who’s genuine historic achievement lies in the fact that he found Russia working with a wooden plough and left her equipped with atomic piles” – those are the words of a polish writer, journalist and political activist Isaac Deutscher, who newer was a proponent of Stalin. In the short 20 years, Stalin took mostly agrarian country ravaged by civil war, and developed it into industrialized power. But I want to focus on the Stalin’s leadership at the most dramatic time for Soviet Union, World War II. On his qualities and actions before and during that time that proved him to be a visionary leader. Also I want to talk about things that I learned about myself after sifting through a lot of information…show more content…
Former Russian Empire was incredibly diverse, but not many Bolsheviks understood the problem. Stalin, who was Georgian himself, understood the importance of diversity. In the first Soviet government Stalin become People’s Commissar for Nationalities. He was a proponent of the Declaration of Rights of the Nationalities of Russia, one of the first official documents of Soviet power. Stalin was saying that nationalities have a right to self-determination. In 1922 were created 8 new republics within the Soviet Union. Most of them were less developed then Russia, and for the longest time resources were pulled from more developed parts of the country to promote development of new republics. After Stalin came to power, he had support from all newly created…show more content…
At the beginning of World War 2 he was 62 years old. He worked 12 to 15 hours a day throughout the war, and demanded the same from others. He would often make phone calls to government and military officials late in the evening requesting information, and expected to find them in the office.
Averell Harriman, who was an American ambassador in Moscow 43 through 45 wrote that Stalin was very approachable but blunt and prepared to use shock tactics. On social occasions Stalin showed concern for everybody, drank with everybody, but never got drunk or lost his self-control, he had an enormous ability to absorb detail and to act on the detail.
What really stands out to me is how Stalin handled his failures during World War 2. He learned from his mistakes and got better as war progressed. I take failures very hard, and while I always like to have alternate plans, sometimes it is hard to rebound. Stalin’s failure to prepare for war was affecting the whole country, but he found it in himself to motivate the nation to fight the aggressor. His speech on the of 3 July addressed to the citizens of the Soviet Union, was an action plan and a vision on how to win the war rolled into one.

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