Biography Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. once highlighted an important historical reality that is the basis for what justifies freedom fighting: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” This idea is the foundation for Neill Blomkamp’s allegorical film, Elysium, in which two very unequal societies exist: an oppressed people that reside on the deficient, poverty-stricken Earth and the oppressors that reside in a paradisiacal, luxurious space station orbiting the Earth known as Elysium. Spider, the leader of an underground group that illegally transports the people of Earth to Elysium, focuses his work on making it possible for every individual on earth to become a citizen of Elysium, thus allowing for the annihilation of oppression, a reprieve for every citizen’s crimes and misdemeanors, while simultaneously destroying the economic status quo of the habitat. In the film Elysium, Spider’s actions qualify as acts of freedom because he undergoes a revolutionary struggle for a specific political agenda to annihilate a cruel and unfair government to ultimately deliver justice to the oppressed people of Earth by utilizing his hacking talents and assets to assist the unfortunate and the sick by helping them get to Elysium, and risking his own life to override the Elysian government by altering the status of each individual from “Illegal” to “Citizen.”
First and foremost, the director Neill Blomkamp uses his film Elysium as an allegory of a pertinent…

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