Biography Of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, And Nelson Mandela

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Leadership.The word leadership was once thought of as something that you were born with, hence the very popular saying "Great leaders are born, not made" ("What Makes An Effective Leader"). Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela were all great examples of people who were natural born leaders. These three leaders were very charismatic, which enabled them to gather many followers. To some extent, being born a leader was true because according to David Celeste, "Qualities such as charisma with which one is born", is a leadership quality that cannot be taught nor learned. If a person is not born with charisma then they 'll have a tough time finding people to lead. Certain qualities that people are born with enable them to become leaders with the utmost ease. This is why the saying, "Great leaders are born, not made", seemed to be true. However, the saying "Great leaders are born, not made" is actually not entirely true. If leaders were born then wouldn 't they have lead at the age of 3. Why didn 't Martin Luther King give his infamous "I have a dream" speech when he had finished middle school, or why was Gandhi, at the age of 18, trying to be a successful lawyer rather than trying to lead a non-violent protest? Would anyone have voted for Obama if he were to have ran for presidency, at the age of 12? Probably not. Leaders have this thing where they don’t become leaders until they 're older, which is why the saying, "Great leaders are born", isn 't necessarily…
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