Biography Of Martin Luther King 's ' Black Power '

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Grace Wolfe, J00548214
Professor Taylor
CAS 100-142
4 November 2015
Chapter 24 Epilogue pp. 341-348
Many people had imperceptible answers to the questions like, what did it all mean in the end and what were the accomplishments? Stokely Carmichael wrote a book called Black Power and in it he wrote about how black people in that time did not accept segregation. Martin Luther King also made important points in his speeches about segregation and how during this time black people decided to make a change. The movement in the Alabama Black Belt lasted the longest and many people do not acknowledge that fact. Even after all the protests started to fade away from the headlines, black people in Alabama continued to protest for freedom. Many black citizens in Alabama began to realize that there were other white people in Alabama who also wanted to end segregation. In Lowndes County, Alabama, there was a rich man who owned thousands of acres of land, named Harrell Hammonds. Hammonds was a probate judge who raised cattle and grew cotton on his farm. Hammonds was also an aristocratic politician. Many people noticed Hammonds as being against segregation. Hammonds argued in a court of law that everyone should be treated equally no matter the color of their skin. Later in his life, Hammonds also gave his support for black people to be able to get an equal education as white people.
There was an unhappy ending to Hammonds support to end segregation. Many people threatened his life and
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