Biography Of Mary Silliman 's ' The Patriots And The Tories '

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The late eighteenth century had begun to evolve to a time of important change for both the Patriots and the Tories. Each side had felt the fatigue but had known there would be light at the end of the tunnel and a great example of this is Mary Silliman. During her husband’s time in active duty she had mourned for his presence but knew “The cause is so important it becomes me at least to be silent” (123). Although Mary was a well-respected woman throughout Connecticut, it was her job to lead her family and push through change that was so destine to happen. Mary had watched her husband from her point of view and “done her best” (175) to maintain many aspects of their former life before the revolution. However, she could not deny the fact that…show more content…
Mr. Silliman had a job as the state’s attorney of Connecticut that paid quite well. All of the hope of having a free flowing normal life went out the window when Mr. Silliman had departed for his military responsibilities. Mary had been left with the duties of maintaining the house on top of the next meals for the remaining family members and slaves. Both Mary and Mr. Silliman were aware of their situation during the war period and needed direction as to how to get out of the hole they were in. Mr. Silliman raised the question “What shall I do my love?-My late expensive absence has cost me a great deal of money. -Should I again fall to enemy’s hands it would hurt me irreparably almost” (177). He begins to look for advice from his knowledgeable wife about their problem of debt. He then displays what had been the cause to why he had inherited the large sum of debt in the first place. On top of that he gives a demonstration that if he were to captured again by the Tories and remain captive for a similar amount of time the debt would reach a point of no return. With this being said it brings a change of lifestyle for Mary as it had been her duty as a wife to support her husband. You can see that Mr. Silliman respects Mary’s input in order to help them get through this event that they were so unfamiliar with before the revolution. Mr. Silliman was back in Fairfield for good and he develops a firsthand look into the
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