Biography Of Mervyn Rose

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1943- She was born in Long Beach California on November 22. 1954- She had her first tennis lesson. 1958- She started to get coached by Alice Marble 1964- Goes to Australia so that Mervyn Rose can coach her. She also wins U.S. doubles. 1965- She gets married to Larry W. King 1970- She starts to make the first all-women’s pro tennis tournament. 1974- She founded the women’s sports foundation. 1975- Both her and her husband help start the women’s professional softball team. 1980- She becomes the head president of WTA (she made the WTA) 1983- She dropps out of a singles tournament. 1984- She started to play for the World team tennis for the chicago fire team. 1987- She gets divorced with Larry W. King 1995-1998- She is the captain of the federation
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