Biography Of Nik Christensen And Dominic Mcgill

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Nik Christensen and Dominic McGill have influenced my art , being tremendously closely related to my art works. Christensen sees his works as a trailer of a total story , which I decided to use this idea on my art works , drawing a scene from my life explaining my emotions. McGill genre she sticks to is paradigm of political discourse. She does not refer to the future but more about the past , political and events. Her artwork "a man is wolf to man" , with the organic motions of a swirl , discerning how our world is spinning into a spiral with all the mistakes being made. This closely influencing my work , with me walking into a spiraling future.

"Hopscotch". "It all goes down the drain"

Chelsea Bloem

Grade 12

Page 2 Christensen and McGill have both relatively influenced my art pieces. With both of their artworks resolve around trying to balance life out with different stories to tell , as I am telling mine.


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My art is based on the genre of balance and anxiety. These themes are found in almost every human being , when stressed , trying to balance their lives and everything at once and anxiety of not being able to do anything

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