Biography Of Robert E. Lee

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A Tribute to the 28th North Carolina

History is usually written by the victors of war. The Civil War is no different. We often hear stories about the famous Iron Brigade and its tenacious fighting ability or of the “fighting” 69th Irish Regiment of New York but many historians have overlooked the epic sacrifices Southern soldiers endured. Sure, everyone has heard of Robert E. Lee or “Stonewall” Jackson, but the men under their command are the reasons for their fame. Many times, the men from a certain geographical region are grouped together, whose combined regiments formed brigades. This paper is a tribute to the men of North Carolina who, gave their lives fighting for the Confederate cause; with a focus on the 28th Regiment of North Carolina. No matter what the period 1861-1865 is referred to, it most certainly was a bloody four years of death, destruction, and devastation for the 28th North Carolina. A year before the war began, North Carolina was ill prepared for war and was just beginning to become industrialized. There were only 3,689 industries throughout the state, leaving most of her 992,622 residents to agriculture. (28th)7 Most of her residents were farmers living scattered across the countryside or grouped together forming small rural communities. Only 24,544 (2.5%) North Carolinians lived in towns and cities. (28th)7 During the year of 1860 many North Carolinians were reluctant to join the secessionist cause. Many, slave owners or not wished to remain at…

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