Biography Of Saint Augustine Of Hippo

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Saint Augustine of Hippo lived his life always striving to excel in whatever he did. His accomplishments are woven into today’s society as his influence was one of the most powerful. A man of such importance that his thoughts influenced the way people of his time and people today think and perceive the world. He is known as being one of the most important people involved in the development of Western Christianity. Born as Aurelius Augustinus on November 13th, 354 in what is present day Tagaste, he lived a very interesting life. His father, Patricius, was a pagan. His mother, Monica, was a devout Catholic deemed as a Christian Saint. He was raised Catholic and at the age of eleven he attended a school where he became familiar with Latin literature and pagan beliefs and practices. Augustine was intrigued after reading “Hortensius" by the Roman philosopher and politician Cicero. This is said to be the piece that sparked his interest in Philosphy. As Augustine got older, he lived a life full of self-gratification and pleasure. Although his mother did not approve, he spent time in Carthage, Tunisia where he continued his education in Rhetoric. He frequently visited brothels there and had a relationship with a woman who bore him a son named Adeodatus. About a decade later he accepted an appointment as professor of rhetoric for the imperial court at Milan, a highly visible and influential academic chair. In summer of 386, he converted to full Catholic Christianity and abandoned his…

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