Biography Of Theodore Bundy Born Theodore

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Theodore Bundy born Theodore Robert Cowell was born in Burlington, Vermont to Eleanor Cowell. He was born on November 24, 1946. She had him when she was still a teeneager and so Ted was raised believing that she was his sister. His birth father is somewhat confusing on his birth certificate it has Lloyd Marshall but investigators believe that his real father 's name was Jack Worthington. Ted’s mother married Johnnie Bundy who eventually adopted Ted as his son.
Ted Bundy became interested in knives when he was three. One event when he was around this age was that his mother woke up in the middle of the night to find him holding a very large knife and standing right next to her bed. Throught elementary school he was described as shy but very smart. When he was a teenager he was described as a well liked and well known kid. Ted, on the other hand, would describe himself as not getting along with others and that he chose to be alone most of the time. He told an interviewer later in life that he liked to pass his free time by reading detective magazines, crime novels, and true crime documentaries. He enjoyed crime documentaries that displayed very graphic images. Later while he was incarcerated he claimed that he never read any crime novels of any sort. Ted enrolled in the University of Washington to study Chinese. He fell in love with a senior while he was a freshman, her name was Stephanie Brooks. They dated for several months and after she graduated she broke up with Bundy…
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