Biography Of Theodore Robert Cowell's Life

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Theodore Robert Cowell was born November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont, at the Elizabeth Lung Home for Unwed Mothers. Born to Eleanor Louise Cowell, twenty-two years old and unmarried and an unidentified father. Eleanor’s family suspected that her abusive father was Bundy’s biological father. Being an unwed, single mother in 1946 was looked down upon, and as a result Bundy was raised by his religious grandparents. His grandparents and mother both aware of the truth, tell young Ted that the women he has been with is his sister. Throughout his childhood, Bundy thought his grandfather was a respected man, with dignity and honor. Later finding out his grandfather had history of being physically and emotionally abusive towards his family and pets.
The unspoken family secret that was finally told out of rage by the grandfather, that the women Ted had known at the being of his life as his sister was indeed his mother was unveiled. Eleanor moved Ted to Tacoma, Washington where she married Johnnie Bundy, and the couple had five other children and raised their children in normal, loving and caring working-class society. Now known as Theodore "Ted" Bundy, at just the mere age of three, Bundy already developed a fascination to knives and machetes. Many close relatives to Ted can say that as he gotten older he became shy and socially awkward, which developed his love for knives. His love for knives helped him cope with his family held secrets.
Awakening of a Killer Bundy was always…
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