Biography Of Theodore Roosevelt 's ' The Jungle '

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married Alice Lee. Shortly thereafter, both Theodore’s wife and his mother passed away. These unfortunate events inspired Roosevelt to travel to the west and immerse himself in hard, physical labor. After he returned to the east, Roosevelt won a spot as William Mckinley 's vice president. After Mckinley was assasinated during the beginning of his second term, Theodore’s revolutionary presidency began. Theodore Roosevelt started a new era while in the White House. He is named the first new president because of his dramatic expansion of executive powers. Roosevelt interpreted the Constitution drastically different than former U.S. Presidents. He believed the president had all the powers but those specifically denied in the Constitution. This stance defined his presidency. Roosevelt started to express these newly possessed powers with strict government regulation in the free market. He believed these regulations would bring about justice in America. After Upton Sinclair published “The Jungle” Roosevelt was outraged. He believed Sinclair had exposed injustice to the citizens of America, and in response Roosevelt urged Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act as well as the Food and Drug Act. This encroachment of government regulations provided the opening for future presidents to choke out small business, and destroy the free market. This all began with Theodore Roosevelt, and his new age loose constructionist beliefs. Roosevelt once said, “I have used every ounce of power…
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