Biography Of Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno And Max Horkheimer

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Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer were alltheorists of the Frankfurt School and they were the first to introduce the idea of the “culture industry, the mass marketing of culture in the modern era. However, Walter Benjamin gives a different perspective on the role of culture in modern society, he believed that the possibility of mechanical reproduction (photography) was demolishing the integrity of art in modern society . He gives the example of the Mona Lisa painting by leonardo da vinci. The painting has a specific the existence and particular location but with mechanical reproduction it can be copied multiple different times and occupy more than one place at a time. The question posed by Benjamin is what are we missing…show more content…
For Benjamin, the mechanical production of art “democratizes cultural production” Thus It loses its aura and authority as it becomes available to everyone. We can extend this to an analysis of media today in which everyone can be an actor and everyone can be a producer; the difference between high art and the popular culture are blurred. Therefore, from these two Frankfurt theorists we have a different view of the culture and the culture industry. Benjamin focuses on the “democratization of culture” that is made available by the production of art while Adorno and Horkheimer argue the ways in which art become more linked to commercial exploitation. It can be suggested through the readings of Adorno and Horkheimer 's work that they seem to be eliciting the question of whether people believe everything that the culture tells them and trying to make sense of the distinct differences between the messages of the culture industry and the public’s realities thus creating an environment where autonomous independent individuals, who are able to think for themselves, can form. Both theorists seem to be exploring how cultural meaning is generated and believe that the structures which promote and deliver these messages of cultural influence is powerful. It is safe to say that we may be

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