Biography Of William Butler Yeats 's ' Cathleen Ni Houlihan '

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William Butler Yeats was an Irish born poet and perhaps one of the most important figures in the history of Ireland for the 20th century. He was a prominent figure in the revival of the Irish literacy and in particular through his poetic theater he was able to bring forth a new vision of Ireland. His play, Cathleen ni Houlihan, is an accurate depiction of the message he wanted to convey. He used drama to convey ongoing social problems during the era of British colonial rule. Through that other prominent figures such as Patrick Pearse appeared into the movement for Irish Freedom. Through his work, Pearse was also able to influence
As described in, The Journal’s article on Cathleen ni Houlihan, “Yeats led a colonization in reverse”. What Yeats wanted to accomplish was to eliminate the presence of the British in Ireland. William Butler Yeats was born as a wealthy protestant, a minority group in the country. Even though he did not speak Gaelic he wanted to connect with the people of his country and did not want to associate with the British culture. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Yeats thought that literature and poetry was a way to fill the political void left by the death of Irish political leader Charles Stewart. Through the years, Yeats rolled out various numbers of plays and poems with the most important one perhaps being Cathleen ni Houlihan.
Cathleen ni Houlihan, showcased the desire for Ireland to break free from the English. An old woman, who has lost her land

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