Biography Of William Penn Sr.

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William Penn Sr. Was a noble Englishman and was a friend of the king. jr joined Quakez which was about social barriers he also tried to explain culture to the Indians PA was founded in the 1680’s it was the 1st English based colony to get voluntary immigration of non-English Germans. Roger William was a puritan minister who did not agree and left Rhode Island making it diverse and free it was the first colony where women had political rights and was the first to oppose slavery. The south developed differently from the north the biggest difference was the two different models. The first people to show up to the new land made the rules but if you got their later you were known as a backwoods frontier. There was a lot of tension between the East and West for example if you were a traveler looking over the mountains and you saw a large patch of empty land and you decided to build a farm and home there. There would be a big surprise in your future because you most likely built on someone else’s land. You would then be told to pay them and you can stay but after a few years go by land owners learn they could triple their money if you weren’t there and they had a field of sheep. Between the 1640s- 1763 Carabine was a war zone and there were four major wars in Europe the main one was about the Allegheny river because whom ever got control of that had control of the 3 connecting rivers controlling the trade routes. In 1753 George Washington stood up on what is now Mount Washington

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