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954 Words4 Pages Biography profile for Pablo Picasso Pablo Ruiz Picasso the man was a troubled, eccentric, problematic man who could never settle down with a woman or a place of residency, maybe what we could call a "free spirit". Picasso, the man, was also an activist. He fought for peace until his last days. However, no matter how much troubled Picasso, the man was overshadowed by his own art. In addition, even though one might not like his works, one cannot deny that without Picasso, modern art and the world would be much poorer, so that is why I decided to write about one of my favorite artists of all times, the unique Pablo Picasso. Pablo Ruiz…show more content…
His first oil painting, which he kept his whole life, was called "El Picador", a common theme in the bullfight scene. Picasso was focuses in his painting by using the subject of pigeons and bullfights. In 1896, his first large oil painting "The first Communion" was exhibited in Barcelona. The year after, he painted "Science and Charity" and received an honorable mention in Madrid at the national exhibition of fine art and a gold medal in a competition in Malaga. It is important to note that at that point he was only 16 years old. His visits to museums became very important in this first period of his career, because like many other modern artists, Picasso had his "classicism period" when he tried to imitate the style of the old masters. He also met someone who would become one of his best friends and his secretary, the poet Sabartes. The new atmosphere made the young artist abandon his classic style and start a period of searching and encountering new experiences in his career. During this period, Picasso expressed his idea that an art student should not be obligated to follow any already established school, but should be free to explore his or her own styles and ideas. This search for change caused deterioration in his relationship with his parents who could not accept his interest in modern art. In 1900, during this search period, Picasso moved to the city that was the major artistic center, Paris, where he
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