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Glasshalfdrunk, age 25

She is a software Engineer in Philadelphia, and a member of the American military, armed forces. Her true passion is writing, however, due to the strife of being successful in the art field she had to put her dreams down in pursuit of another career and the love for her country. During Hurricane Irma, she was called upon for rescue relief. She does a great justice for her country even though there are hard days. She currently lives alone, but is surrounded by her cousins as loved ones. She can speak and read Korean, Japanese, English and Yoruba. Due to this extra talent, when she manages some free time, she translates comics from other countries to English. Using Discord would be a great way for her to communicate
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Using Discord eliminates many problems, such as networking and finding supportive members in the community. Artists are able to work together, encourage each other, and create content together as most projects have at least 2 members.

Using websites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook are great means into getting noticed once the interface has been figured out, but even that is complicated at times to fully connect with someone. In addition, it can create great anxiety displaying creations so openly. Discord is much more private, even in group chats, one is to expect invitations. Most of these creators are already familiar with the internet, have a strong understanding on how to access websites, and create accounts. In addition, all members have English as their primary or secondary language, and are ideal communicators in virtual chats. The font used in the chat is called “Uni Sans Heavy” which is extremely legible. The choice of file formats often shared is png, jpeg, gifs, videos, mp3, and word documents.

The methodology is created to define and assume how to use the features, set up tools, and guide user tactics. Discord is used to communicate via virtual networking, and created to simplify the communication process of the audience. It is imperative to perform the need analysis of the audience.

To assess the goals of these users, they were told to complete an online simple questionnaire, which will help with finalize the
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