Biography of Adolf Hitler Essay

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Biography of Adolf Hitler On April 20, 1889 in Austrian border town of Braunau, Adolf Hitler was born. He was born to his parents Alois Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler. There have been many rumours that his father, Alois was ironically half Jewish. His father was very strict but comfortable and Adolfs mother showered him we affection. Three of his siblings had died at an early age but Adolf survived. Hitler's family moved several times during his childhood. They lived across from a Benedictine monastery for sixth months. The monastery coat of arms featured a swastika that would later become the symbol of his Nazi party. As a boy Adolfs dream was to enter priesthood. Hitler's talents as an…show more content…
When World War 1(WW1) started off, Hitler's hatred for foreigners were inflamed and he submitted a petition to join the Bavarian army. Hitler's regiment trained for nearly two months before they were taken to their first taste of combat in Ypres against the British and the Belgians. During the war Hitler was injured and narrowly escaped death in battle several times and he was awarded two iron crosses for his bravery during WW1. Hitler rose to the rank of corporal but his commanding officers saw no potential for him becoming a leader. In 1916 he was wounded by an enemy shell and was evacuated to a Berlin hospital. After serving four years in the trench he was temporarily blinded in a gas attack in 1918 and took no further part in the war. While Hitler was recovering, communist insurrections shook Germany and many of these were lead by Jews which again furthered his hatred for them. On November 9th 1918 the Kaiser abdicated and the socialists gained control through the election but now anarchy ruled the cities. During these times of anarchy the free corps formed, which were army veterans who banded together, to fight the communists as most army soldiers were right wing and hated communists. Germany had lost the war and their monarchy and so a republic was proclaimed. On
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