Biography of Alexandre Dumas

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Alexandre Dumas was a descendant of a nobleman and the son of a general (Benton), and continued his family legacy by writing about 300 fiction and non-fiction books, plus creating six different periodicals (Benton). His writing styles and characters embody his life experiences as many writers do, and provides the oppurtunity to look back in time to see parts of French social culture, for example how its classes were defined and people's opinions on what was acceptable and what wasn't through use of euphanisms. The main influences on Alexandre Dumas when writing The Count of Monte Cristo were religion, especially Catholicism, his father, the French Revolution, the movement of French Romanticism, and a man named Picaud. It is clear that during Dumas' time in France, the Catholic religion was clearly favored in France with articles like The Concordat of 1815, which Kristen Hosack explains that, "The agreement recognized Catholicism as 'the religion of the great majority of citizens,' and the clergy." (Hosack 32) and also the French Constitution of 1830, which, although it promised freedom of religion, also gave compensation to "ministers of the Catholic... religion." (Halsall). These two documents were both publicised during Dumas' life and prior to The Count of Monte Cristo, so it is acceptable to say that Catholicism was the religion of France during this era. Dumas makes constant references to God in Monte Cristo, and also creates a Christ symbolism with Monte Cristo,
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