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Biography of Bob Marley Bob Marley was known for his accomplishment in the revolution of reggae music. A great impact in his life was his belief in Rastafari which is about people turning to a natural type of life style. While Bob was trying to get his music career going and fallow his belief in Rastafari, he had a lot of struggles. All three of these things helped Bob accomplish everything he accomplished in his short lived life of 36years. In those 36years of life Bob accomplished more things than …show more content…
By the end of the 1960’s, with the legendary reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry at the mixing desk, The Wailers were again back at the top in Jamaica. The combination of the Wailers and Perry resulted in some of the finest music the band ever made. Tracks like "Soul Rebel," "Duppy Conquerer," "400 Years," and "Small Axe" were not only classics, but they defined the future direction of reggae.(Bob Marley Bio) It's difficult to properly understand Bob Marley's music without considering Rastafari. His spiritual beliefs are too well known to necessitate further explanation. It must be stated, however, that Rastafari is at the very center of the Wailers' music. His music and lyrics worked as the rhetoric of the Rastafarian movement against oppression, exploitation and racism in Jamaica. Using metaphors to describe the hardships of the political fights of Jamaicans and Africans Marley established himself as the spokesman of a race and culture. The Rastafari religion, the heart of Bob’s music, based itself in belief of ‘Jah,’ which was a metaphor for a god of goodness and love. Jah was the force fighting against the oppression from ‘Babylon,’ the destructive force.(Hot shot rock tributes) Metaphors of oppression and freedom, such as chains and birds, depict social problems and ways of liberation (Jensen). Many of Marley’s lyrics included these references and therefore fell into the latitude

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