Biography of Booker T. Washington

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Washington is a famous African American educator, author, civil rights activist, and philanthropist who is from Virginia (Wells). He is the man that promoted African American to rise above their status of trying to be equal with Caucasians by promoting education and economic self-determination. Washington’s life serves as an example of his philosophy or belief due to his experience of knowing where African Americans started after the Civil War, where they were headed, and resulted in changing their course to successful life. Booker T. (Taliaferro) Washington was born in Franklin County, Virginia on April 5, 1865. He was born an interracial baby to Jane Ferguson. He white father, who he never knew, was suspected to have lived on a nearby farm (Smock, 3). He was born a slave and was owned by the Burroughs family. The cabin that he was born was considered a rectangular box of 16 by 14 feet and served as kitchen where his mother cooked for his family and the Burroughs family. This cabin, known as Booker T. Washington National Monument, is still preserved can be visited and toured to day in Franklin County, Virginia. His childhood was not filled with play but rather labor (Smock, 18). As a young child, four or five, he would do little chores, including fetching items and operating a fan to keep the flies away from the food. As he grow older and stronger, he would be assigned various task such as taking corn to the mill, giving water to the men in the fields , cleaning,…

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