Biography of British Poet Ted Hughes

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“You are who you choose to be”-Ted Hughes. Ted was one of the best British poets during the 20 century. Mr. Hughes had many accomplishments throughout his lifetime childhood, works, and marriage. Hughes went through a lot of things throughout his life as well but he was still a successful poet. His books and poetry are still being read.
Hughes was born in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire, on August 17, 1930 (Literature pg 1240). His parents were William Henry and Edith Hughes. Ted wasn’t the only child he also had two siblings a sister named Olwyn and a brother named Gerald. During Ted’s childhood his family moved to Mexborough, South Yorkshire. They ran a newspaper and tobacco shop there. The landscape of that area enlightened his poetry throughout his life. He attended a grammar school where his teachers encouraged him to write poetry. Mr. Hughes wrote his first poem at the age of fifteen. “Wild West” was one of Ted’s first poems (Jane Brown, Poet Ted Tughes It was published in the schools magazine. In 1948 he won an open exhibition in English at Pembroke College, Cambridge. When Hughes graduated high school he entered the Royal Air Force and served as a ground wireless mechanic (Literature pg.1240). Ted served only two years in the Air Force. In 1951 Ted enrolled into Pembroke College to study English. While in school he published a few poems. But during that time he wanted to change his major to Anthropology and Archaeology. After Ted graduated from the University
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