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Biography of Charles Lucky Luciano Almost everyone experiences a criminal career (Moffitt, 43). The onset begins during adolescence and involves a series of petty crimes. The amount of crimes committed during the criminal career at any given time is the rate at which the offender offends. What differentiates the “career criminal” from the person who had a “criminal career” is this; Whereas the latter by-and-large discontinues their crimes by the time they are in their mid-20s, those who are career criminals will persist with their offending at a high rate during their life course (Moffitt, 41). One theory put forth argues that the reason that people continue to commit crimes is that they have “neuropsychological defects” (Moffitt,…show more content…
These crimes, however, were still considered petty and are not highly atypical for an adolescent boy. Despite these delinquent behaviors, Salvatore’s fate as a career criminal had not yet been sealed. At age sixteen Salvatore acquired a job at a hat factory. However, the benefits of acquiring “adult” social roles would not act as a means of desistence for Salvatore. The job would give Salvatore a modest living; one that provided a steady income of seven dollars a week. It was on a Friday on his way home from work that Salvatore’s life-course would take a turn for the worse; Not by bad luck but by a stroke of good luck. Salvatore gambled his seven-dollar weekly wage and wound up winning $244 in a game of alley craps. In turn Salvatore adopted the nickname “Lucky” and, instead of going to work the next day, Luciano would go to the alleys. A far cry from shoplifting and gambling, Lucky’s criminal career began to show a good deal of escalation by his mid teens. When an oppurtunity arose and it meant fiscal gains Lucky would take it. Up to this point all that had been available was petty crimes (e.g. theft and gambling), but drugs provided him the opportunity of a higher standard of living. The change of environment led to a dramatic shift in the crimes he would commit frequency at which he would commit them, and led to a

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