Biography of Charles Speaman

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Charles’s father was Alex Young Spearman, the son of Sir Alex Young Spearman who was a British treasurer. Unfortunately, Spearman Jr. died at the age of 33 and left his second wife and Charles’s mother Louisa Ann Caroline Amelia Mainwaring a widow. She would marry Henry Harrington in 1870, only for her new husband to die and leave her a widow. Around this time, a 19 year old Charles was about to go into the military There is very little else known about childhood, however during his adolescence. During his high school years, it was suggested that he was on the school’s rugby and cricket teams. While he was showing some interest in athletics, underneath that Spearman hid an interest for philosophy. However, he would soon lose that interest and enlisted himself into the British Army in 1883. Within a year, Charles was placed in the 2nd Battalion in India. In fifteen years, Spearman would serve in the British army and rise to the rank of Captain and it was during his term of military service he gradually begun to believe that studying psychology could perhaps advance philosophy. According to Charles himself, he felt like his time in the army was a “waste of time.” By the end of his time serving in the army in 1898, Charles finally had figured out what he wanted to study: experimental psychology.
Charles would move to Germany and enroll in University of Leipzig. He studied aboard mainly…
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