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Introduction In the first section of this text, I come up with a brief biography about Dorothea Orem. I also give my reason for settling on her as a subject in my discussion. In the paper's second section, I discuss my leadership qualities and my leadership plans for the future. Dorothea Orem: A Brief Biography Dorothea Orem according to Sitzman and Eichelberger (2011) "was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1914." She graduated from Baltimore's Seaton High School in 1931 and soon after enrolled for a diploma in nursing. As Sitzman and Eichelberger (2011) point out, Orem completed her nursing diploma "in the 1930s" and from here enrolled for a B.S. in nursing education. She earned her bachelors in 1939. Later on, she joined the Catholic University of America for her M.S. in nursing education. This she completed in 1945. As Meleis (2011) notes, Orem also "earned honorary doctorates in 1976 from Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and in 1980, from Incarnate World College, San Antonio Texas." According to Sitzman and Eichelberger (2011), in the course of her career spanning several decades, Orem assumed many roles including but not limited to working as a consultant, administrator, nursing facility member and staff nurse. The contribution Orem made to nursing cannot be overstated especially when it comes to the development of the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory. As Sitzman and Eichelberger (2011) point out, this theory was "first published in 1959." From here, Orem

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