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“There are two bodies — the rudimental and the complete; corresponding with the two conditions of the worm and the butterfly. What we call "death," is but the painful metamorphosis.” Edgar Allan Poe was a poet who grew up with theater in his blood and who became known for his style of literature. First I will inform you of his birth along with his parents, then I will tell you about his childhood and education, after that I will follow up on his mysterious death.
Edgar Allen Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in a cheap rooming house near the Boston Common.
Meltzer, the author of one of Poe’s Biography, states that “Eliza [his mother] married a young Baltimore law student, David Poe Jr.”
Both of his parents were actors, his mother doing
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Point abruptly," he then later wrote, "and threw myself upon literature as a resource. I became first known to the literary world thus."
After leaving W. Point, Poe wrote and published several short stories anonymously, along with books full of poems
Since we have talked about his childhood along with his adulthood, let’s move onto to his later years and his death
Edgar Allan Poe passed away on October 7, 1849 at the age of 40 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Walsh, the author of The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe, said that “The Immediate Cause of death given was “congestion of the brain,” or “inflammation of the brain,” catch-all medical phrases of the day.”
In his own time and even decades later, no one really questioned the verdict that the culprit was liquor.
No one seriously questioned that Poe died as a result of complications arising from a drunken debauch (de batch).
Drunkenness explained all, it was decided; otherwise, if Poe had been found in extreme distress in a public place, that standard procedure would have been followed, and much more would now be known.
What was assumed was some sort of physiological or orthostatic collapse.
Science in that day was unable to define it further.
There is a lot of theories on how he died:
A fatal heart condition of long standing was postulated, as was epilepsy, as well as a diabetic coma complicated by liver damage, hypoglycemia, and

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