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Biography of Franz Schubert
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Many prominent musicians produced major works during the romantic period. Among these are Beethoven, Strause, and Bach. But the musician that I think had the most impact, was Franz Schubert. Franz Peter, born on 31 January 1797 was one of fourteen children born of Franz Theodore Schubert and Elisabeth Vietz, four of which survived. He grew up in an apartment that daily converted to a classroom in which his father taught several elementary school classes. He received a thorough basic education; his father being a good teacher, and son being a bright student. From his father Franz also learned to play the violin, and from his
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He was orderly and disciplined in his creative musical life and rather free spirited in his social life, spending evenings in Vienna's numerous cafes. Never successful in obtaining a steady position, he was largely supported by his wealthy male friends, occasional funds from publishers, and such short-term positions as a foray to Hungary to teach the wealthy Esterhazy daughters. Schubert is music history's first bohemian.

Schubert lived the whole of his life in Vienna, a city much overshadowed by Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn. With the rise of a middle class society, opera houses and concert halls were very much a part of everyday life. Vienna, however, was also under great political stress during this period, constantly at odds with France. When Schubert was an adolescent, Vienna was invaded and occupied by Napoleon. Schubert lived in a climate both preoccupied by music, occupied by French armies, and governed by oppressive political administrations. In his music can be heard the cheerfulness of stoicism and the influence of the common man being invited into the sphere of art music.

A significant characteristic of Schubert's life is the blending of his devotion to compose and his need for socializing. His circle of friends, which included artists, poets, and musicians, would often gather to hear the music of their composer friend, who they affectionately nicknamed "Schwammerl". These gatherings came to be known as "Schubertiads". This was the
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