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Babe Ruth “Person of the Year” The Sultan of Swat, Jack Dunn's baby, The Caliph of Clout, The Big Bam, The Great Bambino are among a few of the nicknames given to George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr. who should be next on the list on Time "Person of the Year”. Basketball has Michael Jordan, Golf has Tiger Woods, Boxing has Muhammed Ali, and when one thinks of Baseball, the first name that pops up is Babe Ruth. His accomplishments in the sport of baseball revamped how the world viewed baseball. Babe’s greatest strength greatest in baseball was his slugging power, which intimidated pitchers because if given the chance, he was gonna hit that ball out of the park. His slugging power and pitching made him unique and a star attraction for baseball…show more content…
Although St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys was where Ruth was supposed to pursue his academic studies, this was also the place where his passion of baseball began. He started playing baseball with his classmates during recess, as his skills developed he started drawing attention to himself. A monk by the name of Brother Mathis saw George’s gift and potential at and early age, and decided to give up his free time to develop George into a better baseball player and soon became his mentor (Rosenberg 1). George could continue to impress whomever came to watch him play, and as he grew his skills and talent grew with him, eventually it became apparent his talents should be taken to Major League Baseball. He would continue playing baseball throughout his childhood and teenage years, and eventually make it to play Major League Baseball. Once he got into the Major League, he took off running and began breaking records and leaving sports analysis dumbfounded with his game play. According to Rider, “As a Red Sox, Between 1915 and 1919 he won 87 games, yielding a stunning earned run average of a low 2.16, won three world series champions, and holds a record for scoreless world series innings which is 29 ⅔ consecutive innings (Rader 1). These accomplishments add on to Babe Ruth’s greatness because he was known for hitting home runs, yet he was still accomplishing great things as a pitcher. Even though he is not known
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