Biography of Helen Keller

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Helen Keller was one of the few people back in her time to become really famous over something she couldn't help. Helen was famous because of how she was able to make things better for children and adults with disabilities, and while she did this she had no forms of communication.
Helen actually wasn't deaf and blind; she was born perfectly normal in a small town in Alabama called Tuscumbia on June 27, 1880. Due to a sickness believed to be Scarlet Fever; Keller lost her ability to see and hear at the age about nineteen months. In the progressing years of her life Helen became crazy and somewhat bad. In the beginning period of Helen's talking it had been difficult because she had gotten confused; soon enough her teacher Anne had taken her to a water pump,put her hand under it, and showed Keller the association between the running water and the spelling of the word. Helen had went to a blind school and that is where she met her long-time teacher Anne Sullivan. In the year of 1898 Cambridge School for Young Ladies gained Helen as a student when she was preparing to go to Radcliffe for college. Keller certainly has seemed to have a tough background, but she ends up pushing through it and has a great future.
Helen's biggest accomplishment is finding ways to get past her lost senses. One measly year before Keller graduated from Radcliffe she published her book The Story of My Life. In…

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