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Henry Ford Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, near Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford create the Model T car in 1908 and went on to develop the assembly line mode of production, which transformed the industry. As a result, Ford sold millions of cars and became a famous company ( When Henry Ford was young, he was born on his family’s farm in Wayne County, near Dearborn, Michigan. When he was twelve, his mother died during childbirth. Then for the rest of his life, he tried to live his life as he believed his mother would have wanted. Although close to his mother, Henry had a strained relationship with his father. While his father hoped Henry would someday take over the family farm…show more content…
During Henry’s free time, he would spend time working on building a gasoline engine ignited by electricity. On June 4, 1896, at age 32, Henry completed his first successful horseless carriage which was called the Quadricycle ( Soon after that, Henry started working on making better automobiles and making them for sale. Henry joined with investors to establish a company that would manufacturer automobiles. But then a year later, the company was disbanded. Henry Ford designed a new car, the Model T. Henry built it in 1908 and was designed to be lighter, faster, and stronger. Henry had found and used Vanadium steel for the Model T which was much stronger than regular steel. When Henry finished a Model T, he would paint it black since that paint color dried the fastest. Ever since the Model T became popular so quickly, Henry was trying to find a way to speed up manufacturing ( In 1913, Henry Ford added the assembly line in the plant. the assembly line is a motorized conveyor belt which moved the cars to the workers, while the each worker add a part to the car as the car pass them. The assembly line helped make time making cars go faster and the cost. The assembly line made the cars cheaper. The Model T cars was sold for $850, then dropped to $300. Between 1908 until 1927, Henry made about 15 million cars

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