Biography of Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Helmholtz

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A product of a rich, intellectual environment, Helmholtz grasped complex concepts in various academic subjects. His father introduced him to philosophies that inspired him to broaden his mindset and explore English, Science, and Mathematics, which led to an overwhelming interest in languages (including English and Italian), music, nature philosophy, art and physiology. A student of the gymnasium, Hermann von Helmholtz touched on subjects “ranging from theoretical physics, to the age of the Earth, to the origin of the solar system (cite wiki).” He showed great promise as a scholar and was bound to be a success.
After graduating in 1837, Helmholtz was awarded a free medical education at the Royal Friedrich-Wilhelm Medical Institute of Medicine and Surgery on the condition that he serve eight years in the army as a doctor; he accepted the offer and enrolled at the institution in Berlin in 1838 (cite groups). While there, he did research under the paramount German physiologist, perhaps the greatest known to date, Johannes Müller (cite brit); studying works on mathematics by Daniel Bernoulli, Biot and Laplace and philosophy, mainly by Kant (cite group). As he strived to complete his dissertation in 1841,…
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