Biography of Janis Siegel

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Janis Siegel, who has won nine Grammy’s and has been nominated for another seventeen Grammy’s is most famous for her diverse musical talent. Janis Siegel was born on July 23rd, 1952 in Brooklyn, New York. She began learning about music at an early age and she began singing with a trio girl group at the age of twelve. The group was called The Young Generation. By the time she had graduated high school, she and her band had already released two singles both produced by Richard Perry. Janis Siegel says, “At that time, I was exclusively listening to pop and folk music. When Motown became popular, I fell head over heels for it” [ ]. In high school and college though, she said John Coltrane was her musical idol for jazz. After the band The Young Generation had graduated high school, they transitioned to becoming an acoustic folk type of band. They then renamed themselves as Laurel Sanyon. Then as Janis Siegel attended college for a couple of years, she studied nursing. But she quit and decided to keep all her attention on the band Laurel Sanyon. At a party one time, Tim Hauser who was a taxi driver, met Janis and asked her to sing some of his demos. He had musical ambitions to which then he invited her to join a singing group that he’d been trying to create called The Manhattan Transfer. Once she joined, they went on to make an album called The Manhattan Transfer and made their debut in 1975. As time went on, Janis Siegel’s voice became the most easily identifiable feature of
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