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Some arts are beautiful, some are strange, others exotic but, I will be talking to you about an artist that tickles your dark humor. Joan Cornellà is one very strange and crude artist. And honestly he's someone you would link on Skype to your friends for those late night humors. Maybe to some he's humor can be to much, but you have to really is it for yourself just how strange it is. So I will be taking about exactly who is this artist, why do people find his art so funny, and how the internet got him so popular.

First, I will be explain to you who exactly is this artist. Joan Cornellà was born in January 11, 1981. Which makes him now thirty three years old. His nationality is Spanish. And Joan Cornellà was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, which is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. He is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator and is mostly famous for his strip comics. He went through college and graduated in fine arts. In his blog he explains he has been drawing since he been a little child. This parents immediately saw the magic that emerged from his pencil, that he had an unusual imagination for a kid his age. Joan Cornellà influence was Salvador Dali. Just like Dali they both like to draw bizarre images in their surrealist work. His parents named him Joan after in Joan Collins the actress. His parents wanted him to be an actor, but as you can tell he picked a different path of art. Joan Cornellà…

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