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John Milton was the second oldest child born to the union of senior John Milton and Sara Jeffrey. He was born December 9, 1608 in London. Milton lived with his family in a home located very near to St. Paul’s Cathedral. John Milton Sr. was able to afford a private tutor for John because he acquired some wealth through his work as a legal secretary. Milton’s father prepared and notarized legal documents, was a loan officer, and served as a real estate broker. Milton Sr.’s income allowed him to provide Milton with an education in the classical languages (Joiken). Milton was taught at home until he was twelve years old. He was admitted to a college in Cambridge five years later where he was suspended after a year for an altercation with his…show more content…
Milton didn’t focus on being a school master for long because his attention shifted to matters of the government (Kermode 1207). Milton’s home was rented to the government during the civil wars. They did not pay him as agreed. He went broke, but later recovered some wealth when he became “Latin secretary” (McDonnell 279) Milton was “blind, and poorer than he had been with a state salary to augment his inheritance…, and yet he was able to concentrate all of his visionary and creative energies for a poetic accomplishment…” (Hollander 709). Milton wrote tracts that condemned different religious practices. It might be stated that Milton’s marriage to Powell influenced his writing of tracts. “…Milton wrote tracts in favor of divorce on the grounds of disharmony rather than only for adultery…” (Kermode 1209). Milton’s political views were those much like Republicans, “founded in an envious hatred of greatness, and a sullen desire of independence…” Although Milton’s family was composed of all women, women are described in his writings as “subordinate and inferior beings” (McDonnell 280-281). In November of 1674, Milton died as a result of the gout. Many of his friends and those former students of his attended his funeral which was held in London. Today, Milton’s remains can be found in Cripplegate at the Church of St. Giles. It is not known who erected a monument of him; however, it

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