Biography of Lucretia Mott

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Lucretia Mott Lucretia Mott was born in January of 1793 and died in November of 1880. During her 87 years on the Earth, she did everything that she could in order to demand change and social reform in societal programs in which she did not believe. She was born a Quaker, also known as the Society of Friends, a religious group which believed in relative equality and in nonviolence. In the period in which she was born and raised, women were supposed to be seen and not heard. They were to be subservient to men in all things, including the home and the work force, if indeed the woman were allowed to work at all. Yet Mott, nee Coffin, refused to let society marginalize her and demanded equality. Certain rights, she believed, were inalienable and should not be denied because of either gender or racial differences. She worked for abolition, for women's rights, and many other branches of social reform. In the Quaker community on Nantucket Island where Mott was born, fishing and whaling were the two primary enterprises. The men of the families were almost all employed in one of these two industries. Consequently, much of the time, the men would be out at sea and the women would be charged not only with taking care of the family, but were also responsible for keeping the home, tending any crops, and harvesting from any animals on the land in order to maintain financial security when the men were away. An unexpected repercussion of this arrangement was that the women who were
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