Biography of Maria Menounos

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Maria Menounos an entertainment journalist. Maria started her career very early at the age of seventeen by winning the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. Then is when her career began and started thriving through radio and television jobs. During her senior year of college enrolled at Emerson she got a job on Channel News One. This job helped launch her career while, reporting she was also trying to produce an independent film “In the Land of the Merry Misfits”. However, the negative got stolen from the lab so the film was never produced. Fortunately her career with reporting kept her on track. Maria’s career took an astounding push to being on Entertainment Tonight six years after Channel News One. Maria kept that entertainment career going and it went into Access Hollywood. That is where she is really known for her work and reporting. Maria was also on Today and Extra. Maria also has her own reality show called Chasing Maria it sounds exactly how the title puts it. Maria started her career at a very early age and has kept it going ever since. Her career never has a dull moment; she is always doing and reporting something interesting.
While, her passion for Broadcast Journalism is very strong, she has also written a book called “The Every Girl’s Guide To Life”. This book had her career go even farther than imagined. In this book she writes about everything going on in her life and how she maintains it while, at the same time giving advise to her readers. In her book she

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