Biography of Michael Moore: Leftist Firebrand and Documentarian

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Michael Moore: Leftist firebrand and documentarian Many of Michael Moore's documentaries focus upon the class wars Moore believes are simmering beneath the surface of American society. In the case of Sicko, the class war is between the needs of middle-class and poor Americans versus the financial interests of large, powerful health insurance companies. Unlike health insurance companies, consumers do not have lobbyists in Washington influencing politicians to represent their interests. Health insurance companies are businesses, not compassionate entities, and they prioritize profits over the preservation of the health of patients. Moore's documentary combines true-life stories of individuals with insurance whose health and finances were negatively impacted by the healthcare structure of America. He also shows how so-called socialized medicine in Europe, far from being a horror-show of waiting lists and denial of care, is far more civilized and compassionate than the United States system. No one has to prioritize finances over quality of care; consumers are treated as patients, not as potential sources of revenue. "Moore visits the countries of Canada, England, France and Cuba, all of which have (1) universal health care and (2) a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality than the United States" (Ebert 2007). Moore also underlines how the US system of care creates a bad impression of American compassion abroad by showing how terrified his relatives are of crossing

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