Biography of President Ronald Wilson Reagan

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Jack enjoyed to talk politics, was an alcoholic, and often got drunk and lost his

job, while Nelle was a very modest woman and helped the poor. Reagan was reading by age

five from his mom teaching him and was baptized into the Disciple of Christ at age 11. In his

free time he played football, ran track, and performed in plays, which he continued to do in his

college, Eureka College, in Peoria, Illinois. Since his family did not have enough money to pay

for college, Reagan applied for a scholarship, which he received, and was paid to wash dishes

at his fraternity house. Eureka College was short on money and planned to make cuts on some

courses so Reagan spoke out against it, and he lead a student strike against the cuts. Reagan was

then elected into the student senate, which he became president of in his senior year.

When Reagan graduated from college his family was in the Great Depression, and

Jack and Neil, Reagan’s brother, were both out of work. The Reagan family was living off of

the money made from Nelle’s sewing, so Reagan started searching for a job. He was hired as a

radio announcer for the WHO radio station broadcasting college football and Chicago Cub’s

Baseball. Instead of watching the games he was announcing, he would receive the information

by telegraph from reporter who was at the game. One time in the…
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