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Biography of Queen Elizabeth Despite being unwanted by her father, King Henry VIII, Elizabeth managed to overcome obstacles and become one of the most powerful woman leaders of her time. Some of her accomplishments were to defeat the Spanish armada, restore peace between Catholics and Protestants, and lead England to prosperity (Ross 146). The period of time during her reign, fifteen hundred and fifty eight to sixteen hundred and three, is often called "the Golden Age" since it was the most constructive time in English history. The English court became the center for writers, musicians, and scholars. She was also the first English monarch to reach her seventieth year (Http://…show more content…
The day she became queen, she held her first meeting and dismissed two thirds of the council, replacing them with people over fifty and her friends (Thomas 76). One of which was Robert Dudley, an old friend from childhood, whom Elizabeth released from imprisonment he suffered under Mary's rule. There were rumors that the two were more than friends and hope of Elizabeth finally marrying increased, but she never did marry him. There were also rumors that Elizabeth murdered Robert's wife, Amy Rosbart. She was found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs. However, murder nor suicide could be proven and so the case was just forgotten (Erickson 212). Many people did not want her to be queen because she was Protestant and also because she was a woman. This quote was said of her "She was christened in hot water, but not hot enough" (Erickson 21). Nonetheless it was extremely important to maintain good relations with her subjects and she proved to be a very well liked and popular queen. The people came first in her eyes. Elizabeth faced all sorts of problems from the beginning of her reign until her death. Her half sister "Bloody Mary" accused Elizabeth of trying to murder her and imprisoned Elizabeth in the tower of London for a period of time and Mary, Queen of Scots, claimed that she was still the rightful Queen of England (Internet). Henry VIII wanted to

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