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Richard Milhous Nixon, a US President, resigned from office. Richard Nixon went through a lot of hard troubles to get to presidency to have to resign before he could finish his second term, even though he did some great deeds as president. Nixon despite his mistakes, made a great impact on the United States. Nixon’s childhood wasn’t the childhood one dreams of having. Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 on a lemon ranch in Yorba Linda, California. His parents were not wealthy which meant Nixon had to work even harder to be successful (“Nixon”). Nixon was a great help in his family by helping in family gas station/grocery store. Nixon, the hard worker he was, enrolled at Whittier College in 1930. Nixon was very involved at his school…show more content…
Following the election Nixon and his family moved to Washington. Nixon served on 3 committees the education, labor, and hetter. Nixon supported restricting the powers of labor unions. In the Taft and Hartley act. Nixon as a member of the house un-American activities committee, took and investigation against Alger hiss, a former state department official of spying on the Soviet Union. By taking this case Nixon was given much publicity. Nixon was reelected in 1948 (“Biography of Richard Nixon”). Nixon decided because of his previous victories in the political standpoint to run for senate. He won the election over Helen Douglas in 1950 to take the senate seat. Douglas first called Nixon “Tricky dick”. As senator Nixon gave speeches about global communism and talked about how he didn’t like the way president Truman was handling the Korean War. Later because of the way Nixon was handling himself Eisenhower selected Nixon to be his run mate in Chicago on July 11, 1952. After the selection of Nixon in about 2 months there were rumors of Nixon having a secret cash fund for personal expenses. Nixon was enraged; he appeared neither on national TV to prove it was not secret nor for his own expenses. The speech made many republicans trust him again. In November of 1952 Nixon and Eisenhower defeated their opponents Adlai and John (“Biography of Richard Nixon”). Nixon now the new VP made sure the public new VP was an important

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