Biography of Ronald Reagan Essay

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Biography of Ronald Reagan

Somewhere at sometime a philosopher once said, "The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who are skeptical of others until the others prove themselves, and those who assume that other people are good and decent unless proven otherwise." Ronald Reagan was one of those people who assumed that other people are good and decent until otherwise proven. However if a person was to ask another about Ronald Reagan they would give you another answer more than likely. Some would say that he was an actor and didn_t know a thing about politics, others would say that he believed in what he did and did what he felt needed to be done to improve a situation. Some would say that he lived for others and put himself
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Moloney (Edwards 32). Shortly after Jack and Nelle were married they moved to a town called Tampico, Illinois. Tampico was one-third the size of Fulton with the population of about 1,276. It was a standard Midwestern town with a couple lumberyards and drugstores. The social life centered around school or church activities and patriotic holidays were an occasi! on for picnics and firework displays. The community was fairly cohesive and its residents shared similar educational and economical backgrounds. Few in the community had gone past grade school, and most had never traveled as far Chicago and considered the nearby towns of Dixon and Fulton, which were an equidistant 26 miles, an excursion (Edwards 33).
On September 16th, 1908, the Reagan_s had their first child John Neil Reagan. Later he would acquire the nickname "Moon" after the comic-strip character Moon Mullins. Then about two and a half years later the Reagan_s had their second and final child Ronald Wilson Reagan. Ronald was born on February 11th, 1911 at home because of the blizzard the previous night before which made the roads impassable. The doctors comment after the birth was, "For such a little bit of a Dutchman, he makes a hell of a lot of noise, doesn_t he?" (Edwards 33-34). Ronald was such a big baby that everyone started calling him

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