Biography of Sandra Cisneros

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The role of strong female roles in literature is both frightening to some and enlightening to others. Although times have changed, Sandra Cisneros’ stories about Mexican-American women provide a cultural division within itself that reflects in a recent time. The cultural themes in Cisneros’s stories highlight the struggle of women who identify with Mexican-American heritage and the struggle in terms of living up to Mexican culture – as a separate ethnic body. The women in Sandra Cisneros’ stories are struggling with living up to identities assigned to them, while trying to create their own as women without an ethnic landscape. In Sandra Cisneros’ stories “Woman Hollering Creek: and “Never Marry a Mexican” the role of female identities that …show more content…
Cleofila was brought into the United States from Mexico not speaking English and living only as a house wife and a dedicated fan of her novelas – soap operas. She is mistreated by her husband, and Cisneros writes the following about her:
“Cleófilas thought her life would have to be like that, like a telenovela, only now the episodes got sadder and sadder. And there were no commercials in between for comic relief. And no happy ending in sight. Everything happened to women with names like jewels. But what happened to a Cleófilas? Nothing. But a crack in the face” (Cisneros, 396).
This story centers on two characters, Cleofilas and Felice, a Mexican-American – a strong woman who drives her own truck and isn’t married. This is duly noted because it means that she is independent of a man. This is the key difference between Cleofilas and Felice: Felice embraces her freedom as a woman, and can go freely from Mexican and Anglo/American culture. Cleofilas is stuck under the abusive thumb of her husband and struggles to be free behind the fantasies of her novellas. “‘Woman Hollering Creek’ thus opens up gender definitions on all sides to the fluidity of border existence” (Wyatt, 244). The story explores both the strained role on Mexican and Chicano women, as well as the freedom that she can experience as a woman – as a woman in any place. Woman is newly defined between Felice and Cleofilas, because Cleofilas learns that there is life beyond her abuse and her fantasies. She
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