Biography of Stanley Kubrick

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Stanley Kubrick was born on July 26th, 1928, in New York. He was the son of a successful Manhattan physician and a Rumanian mother. Kubrick admitted to be "a lonely child," and a "misfit in high school." Growing up, his parents had wanted him to become a doctor he didn't have the grades needed to get into medical school. His love of film began at an early age, when he would go to movie theaters twice a week to view the double features. He would later say of this experience: "One of the important things about seeing run-of-the-mill Hollywood films eight times a week was that many of them were so bad [...] Without even beginning to understand what the problems of making films were, I was taken with the impression that I could not do a film any worse than the ones I was seeing. I also felt I could, in fact, do them a lot better."
Kubrick believed that most of what happened to him in his life was by the sheerest stroke of luck. When he was 13, his father bought him a still camera, which soon made him fascinated with photography. He eventually became an excellent photographer, selling his photographs to magazines while still in high school. He was later offered a job at Look Magazine. It is only in 1951 that he made his first documentary about Walter Cartier, Day Of The Fight, which he sold to RKO for a small profit and which started his filmmaking career.
This American motion-picture director and writer made many movies, most of which characterized by his dramatic visual style,
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