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Stephen Harold Spender was a leading poet, reviewer, writer, and translator during the 20th century. Spender was born on February 28, 1909 in London, England. Spender met his demise 1995. He was the son of a famous journalist and lecturer. Thus, Spender took great interest in literature and politics. During his career, Stephen Spender grew to become a well renowned poet for he was inspired by social and political events in history during his career. Spender was born in Kensington, London, to journalist, Edward Harold Spender and victorian novelist Violet Hilda Schuster, a painter and poet. Stephen Spender’s grew up during a time of war. His childhood was very different from those around him. Spender described his childhood as a “ virtuous isolation in a world drifting into chaos and immorality” (Scott-Kilvert, 1998). In one of his many poems called “Parents” published in 1933, Spender seems to blame his parents for the dark undertone of his beloved childhood. Spender claimed that he and his siblings were isolated from the outside world. The atmosphere during his childhood was considered as a “Puritan decadence”. (Scott-Kilvert, 1998). The overall mood that surrounded Spender’s childhood was very dark. He used words such as tragic or calamity to describe it. (Scott-Kilvert, 1998). This dark undertone was blamed on his parents. Firstly, Spender disliked his father. He considered him as a dictator; his father was very much an authoritarian parent. Secondly, one of his

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